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Several large international corporations have all used the PROCE55® from East Gate® in core mission-critical processes with human control, some relevant integration points to SAP® ERP, and many integration points to legacy systems on the shop floor equipment.

Some process areas where East Gate® has been used include detailed work scheduling, production and quality control, material flow control, warehouse management, and a lot of supporting processes, such as product tracking, accident control, planning of remedy materials and plant maintenance. These processes are not optimally supported by the standard ERP systems because of different scope and base timelines (ERP deals with months and real manufacturing with days/hours and events). They also cannot easily be automated by code extensions to the standard ERP systems because of the different change cycles between the core model in the ERP compared with the process control systems and the costs for development.

The BPM principle of end-to-end process management (versus activity monitoring) to achieve desired outcomes, supported by the agile and iterative implementation method in a BPMS enables these companies to optimize production outcomes by continuously changing things as needed. This process-driven approach enables these companies to better manage areas such as detailed production scheduling; production control and confirmation; time management; exception handling (an early warning system); management of nonconformities (rework, scrap); inbound, in-plant, and outbound logistics; and quality assurance.

This approach also enables the companies to integrate data sources and systems used in context of the process control (such as automatic stock, robots, intelligent production lines, measurement means and testing equipment), all to better measure key process performance indicators, including OEE.







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