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PROCE55® Mobile from East Gate®

PROCE55® Mobile is a professional Integrated Software Environment enabling easy creation of mobile Apps which can typically access data and control transactions in back-end systems and appliances. It means it can be optimally used for mobilization of business-critical processes with seamless integration of professional Enterprise Information Systems like SAP® with a customized built-in (client side) application logic capable of stand-alone operation on mobile devices without the Internet connectivity, only accessing the backend systems when required (when calling specific services). The most important point is that PROCE55® Mobile is not a standard web application, it is a native application (Runtime Environment - RTE) running on a mobile device, hosting multiple embedded mobile apps with specific purposes. Those spcific mobile apps can be transferred into the platform-native RTE directly from the visual modeler, whereafter they reside directly on the mobile phone (in context of the RTE) without the network connection during the runtime except when calling backend or Internet services.

Mobile Apps are created in intuitive graphical environment by visual modeling. No coding is necessary to create the user interface, application navigation (process workflow) and integration of back-end systems (binding of services based on Web API, SOAP or REST model). If more flexibility is needed then the JavaScript functions can be built-in into a mobile App.

Deployment of the mobile App with PROCE55® Modeler is very simple compared with the procedures used in the mobile App Stores. You can deploy the mobile App directly from the PROCE55® Modeler using QR Code or via Portals for complex deployment scenarios. No compilation is needed, you deploy to iOS, Android or Windows Mobile Runtime Environment directly without any transformation.

Using the PROCE55® Mobile you can design and publish your professional mobile Apps easily and in extremely short time. You can operate your business from anywhere at any time, it offers you decisive advantages in handling end-to-end material flows, transportation, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, production, service etc.

PROCE55® Mobile is intuitive, easy to use, and you can get it running today!

1. Design

BPMN principles have been used in context of PROCE55® technology. The visual PROCE55® Modeler allows for graphical design of the mobile process with instant back-end integration which is performed using the smart phone or tablet. Using the PROCE55® Modeler you can mobilize the business processes in a fraction of the time usually needed for the job. You can create, modify, (and delete) the processes using declarative development including WYSIWYG user experience definition, process flow definition, service orchestration - inherited backend integration based on the definition of service calls (SOAP and/or REST model). Once the process is created you can publish it.

2. Publish

Mobile processes are transferred from the PROCE55® Modeler to the Portals, which can also be created by the PROCE55® Modeler and then the administrator can authorize the users to use the applications. The users have to register themselves on the portals and they will be provided with the assigned processes according to their authorizations. This is the standard way in complex enterprise environment.

3. Use

Authorized users can access the processes on the portals and peform them using client applications available from mobile app stores or upon request directly from East Gate®. The portal access can be simplified by using portal QR-Codes.

The following picture shows an example use of the PROCE55® Mobile:

In general, the PROCE55® Mobile is based on the proven and stable PROCE55® technology from East Gate®, which was developed in context of challenging process automation and system integration projects in large manufacturing industries across the Western and Eastern Europe.
PROCE55® is the innovative general-purpose Business Process Management (BPM) solution.

 Unique BPM software technology based on XML modeling
 Supports the human-centric applications (controlled by humans) and integration-centric applications (integration of heterogeneous systems)
 Enables multi-channel access through a variety of devices, such as PC, mobile terminal, touchscreen, smartphone, tablet, barcode/RFID scanner
 Broad integration capabilities with standard information systems (ERP), legacy systems as well as control systems (PLCs) and data sources (DBMS)

The BPM introduced the model-driven process execution paradigm into process automation and system integration. The application for process automation is not coded, it is modelled. It means that at the design time, using graphical PROCE55® Modeler, you design the user interface (e.g. screens, visual components such as input fields, tables, buttons etc.) and the process workflow (navigation between screens). Then you define the interaction with the services which provide data or perform transactions in integrated information systems like ERP. Typically, if the user push a button (generates event) you can bind one or more actions to this event which means that you link the service interfaces with this actions. The input and return parameters of the service interface you can link with the visual object at the defined user interface. At the run time the BPM engine processes the defined services using the service interface definition (loose coupling). The benefit for you is that the coding is reduced to the development of the application logic in context of the services (re-usability) and the application can be composed from building blocks like building kit. This reduces the time for development and adaptation significantly and allows for highest agility especially in development of customer specific applications in context of weak specifications (prototyping).

Using BPM the business professionals together with IT experts can implement company-specific solutions. These solutions typically extend but does not substitute the functionality of the ERP systems to support the specific and innovative processes at customers and to give the customer the competitive advantage. The process performance increases and the business agility is improved.

If you develop the BPM based application for innovative business processes the key success factor is the integration. We believe that the added value in process optimization is created especially by integration. Therefore we developed the enhanced integration capabilities (PROCE55® Connectors) in our BPM solution. It can be integrated with standard information systems (e.g. ERP), legacy systems, databases, Web services, APIs, and control systems like PLCs using any communication protocol.

According to experts and analysts, BPM are the strategic bridge between the standard enterprise information systems and the real business process and allow for differentiated and innovative processes to enable process agility at the pace of business. They also allow for seamless integration and eliminate gaps within and between the ERP and other contributing application. They also improve the process visibility as a pre-condition for continuous process improvement and business process innovation.

The typical usage scenarios are the business driven automation projects in fast changing environment where the business professionals want to implement industry specific solution as a competitive advantage for the company. PROCE55® complements existing enterprise software and adds agility to business operations.

PROCE55® BPMN Based Modeling – Principles

Application for process automation is created at the run time by the BPMN engine which interprets the related process model. The process model consists of three main components: (1) User Interface, (2) Process Navigation (or Workflow), and (3) Application Logic (Interfaces of the Service Calls).

A typical application (human-centric) for control of a structured process consists of several screens which contain the screen elements like input and output fields, list-boxes, tables and buttons. If the user pushes some button the sequence of pre-defined actions (sequence flow) is triggered. The actions are typically Service Calls which can access some data, perform some application logic or call a transaction in context of some Enterprise Information System. After performing the sequence of actions the target screen is displayed and the application waits for the next user activity. The main benefit is that the application can be composed from building blocks, the programming/coding is needed for the implementation of the application logic (Services) only. This approach speeds up the development of application significantly and allows for easy modifications (agility).

PMN based applications are rapidly composed from building blocks stored in the Repository. Particularly the Services are imported from the Repository, in fact the interfaces of the Services are imported into the process model only, the service is implemented in context of the integrated system.


PROCE55® Mobile is the evolutionary extension of the standard PROCE55® technology from East Gate® which allows for process control from anywhere and at any time.

With the PROCE55® Mobile from East Gate® you can design and deploy your professional mobile applications easily and in extremely short time.




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